Cops Dub HS Football Game Disruptor as “Halloweenie Streaker” Add a Trombone to Pictures for No Apparent Reason

Is the big news in this story that a man put black bag over his head and streaked the Lincoln Southeast vs Lincoln East football game halftime show last Friday night, or that the police released photos of the suspect and decided to add a strategically placed trombone to all the pictures?  Really guys?

Why not just blur or block out the offending parts of the anatomy? Better yet: what’s wrong with a clarinet or an oboe? Both would likely do the job better. Here’s a link to a video of a couple of local news anchors trying to keep from laughing while reporting on the story.

Any BadJocks readers in Nebraska who can identify this guy (with or without his musical instrument) can call Crime Stoppers at 475-3600.