Softball Coach Suspected of . . . Child Annoyance?

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoLots of youth sports coaches get charged with crimes.  But, “child annoyance”? What exactly is that? Doesn’t pretty much every adult “annoy” every child at some point? Then again, this is probably a little more serious with a guy sending naughty text messages to an underage girl on his team.

Still, “child annoyance?” Let the mass arrests begins!

A former girls’ softball coach at Pasadena High School has been cited on suspicion of child annoyance after accusations emerged that he had engaged in inappropriate conversations with one of his players, authorities said Thursday.

Police issued Arthur Baltazar, 47, of Altadena a misdemeanor citation Sept. 23 on suspicion of engaging in “inappropriate communication of a sexual nature,” with a 17-year-old girl he coached, Pasadena police Lt. Tracey Ibarra said.

The alleged inappropriate communication took place both verbally and via text messages during September, the lieutenant said.  “There’s no allegation of any kind of physical touching,” she said.  The softball player told her parents she was receiving inappropriate communications from Baltazar on Sept. 23, Ibarra said. The parents notified the school, which then called the police.

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