NFL Cheerleader Exchanges Gunfire With Crazed Former Boyfriend to Protect Jaguars Player

UPDATE #2: Cheerleader Had Gun With Laser Sight on It – According to the Boston Herald, not only id Mackenzie Putnal return fire with her crazed ex-boyfriend (details below), the gun she pulled from a hiding place had a laser sight on it!

The gunman ran after her, so Osgood jammed a chair under the game room door handle and jumped out a window to the lawn below, running to a neighbor’s house to call police. Meanwhile, Bartletto and Putnal confronted each other downstairs with guns. The woman targeted him with her laser sight before both shot at each other and missed.

UPDATE #1: Our friends over at have a copy of the police report which does give some interesting details about this incident . . . and how close Osgood came to getting killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend.

When we first read this story it seemed pretty simple: Jacksonville receiver Kassim Osgood, 30, was watching TV with a cheerleader from the squad, Mackenzie Rae Putnal, 19, last Monday night when an intruder broke in, threatened them with a gun and they had to jump out a window to escape. Scary, sure, but not much of a story.

Then, one of our loyal readers sends us this version of the story from the and the story gets a whole lot more interesting.

According to this updated version, Osgood and Putnal (pictured right in her cheerleading uniform before being kicked off the squad for dating a player) were watching TV in an upstairs room at her parents house when the gunman walked in with a plastic bag over his head. Turns out it was Putnal’s ex-boyfriend, one Julian Armond Bartletto, 20, and it seems everyone figured out quickly who he was, especially after he screamed, “I can’t believe you’re with that guy,” probably in a half angry, half crying voice. That’s also something most robbers would likely not comment on.

Bartletto allegedly beat both Putnal, Osgood and her dog with the gun before ordering the couple to sit on the floor. Putnal, apparently no weak damsel, instead ran downstairs and grabbed one of her parents guns, exchanging shots with Bartletto while Osgood put a chair against the door, broke a window and jumped out. Thanks for the cover fire, honey!

None of the reports we read say how this was all resolved, but apprently Bartletto tired of the gunplay (or ran out of bullets, or maybe couldn’t stop laughing) and left, only to be identified by Putnal and later arrested.  He faces charges of aggravated battery, false imprisonment, armed robbery, burglary and violation of an injunction. (Apparently Putnal had a restraining order out on him, and probably for good reason.)

So, in summary: ex-boyfriend in jail, ex-girlfriend and now ex-Jaguars cheerleader hailed as a hero and Mr. Osgood . . . probably getting some good-natured ribbing by his teammates in the locker room. He’s just lucky he was dating a cheerleader who knew how to handle firearms.