Two Youth Football Coaches Arrested on Drug Charges, One of Them While Coaching

Dumbass Category LogoYouth coaches arrested for taking illegal drugs? Bad, but it happens.

Youth coaches arrested for selling illegal drugs? Terrible. Keep them away from our kids.

Youth coaches arrested for selling illegal drugs WHILE COACHING THE TEAM? Un-freakin’ believable!

And yet, we have a guy involved in the Wythe County Recreation League (Virginia) who’s accused of doing just that. To make matters worse, while cops were searching his house for additional drugs, another coach stopped by and was also arrested for drug possession. And, somehow, a third man–a non-coach–was somehow got tangled up in all of that drug mess.

Here’s more from WSLS:

Two Wythe County Recreation League coaches were arrested Tuesday afternoon on drug charges by the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office. A third man also was arrested as a result of the investigation.

According to Chief Deputy Keith Dunagan, Robert Dallis Mills, 36, of Ivanhoe Road was arrested on the property of Jackson Memorial Elementary School when he allegedly sold a controlled substance while coaching the Jackson Memorial Recreation League football team. He was charged with drug distribution and drug distribution on school property.

David Wade Coleman, 33, of Old School Road was arrested when he stopped at Mills’ residence while police officers were conducting a search. He was charged after officers found Xanax and marijuana in his vehicle, police said.