South Alabama AD Wants to Ban “Ambiguous Cheer”

College cheerleaders doing a chant with a little bit of a naughty bent to it? Really?

The athletic director at the University of South Alabama (USA) thinks that those darn kids might be going a bit too far with a basketball chant that may be crossing the line. What do they yell after the team makes a free throw? “USA, South in your mouth.”

Actually doesn’t make sense to us, but then again, we’re not an athletic director.

Knowing college kids, you don’t think that this will just make things worse during this season’s home games, do you? Nah!

South Alabama’s cheerleaders won’t be shouting “USA, South in your mouth!” when the university’s basketball teams sink free throws this year.  Whether fans still yell it is another question. Athletic Director Joel Erdmann said he asked the cheerleading coach to consider phasing out the cheer “due to the ambiguity of the expression.”

Erdmann said that his intent was “in no way trying to take the enthusiasm and excitement out of our crowd, but to avoid any misinterpretation.”  “If anything, they just assured it will be around until the end of time,” said student government president Kim Proctor.

University of South Alabama seeks to ban basketball cheer (