Video: Youth Football Teams Banned From Playoffs After Coaches Brawl – Houston

These videos are getting all too common: parents and/or coaches brawling at youth football games, typically between kids who aren’t even old enough to drive, much less qualify for a college scholarship. And yet, the adults involved are taking this as seriously as if this was a college bowl game or an NFL game between the Manning Brothers.

We’ll let the reporter at My FOX Houston tell the whole story, but basically you have a rough hit on a kickoff, some players going at it, a coach/dad who got a little too involved and then a lot of men acting like boys. Result? Both teams, despite winning records are out of the playoffs, most of the coaches are suspended and one permanently banned from the league.

Thanks dad!

Meanwhile, in Salem, MA, they’re still investigating a late hit at a youth football game that turned in a brawl, that ended up with parents on the field.