Dude! Ten High School Football Players Suspended for Smoking Weed Before Game

You know, you can make an argument that pot should be legalized, but right now it’s not. And if you’re a high school student, you’ll find that even if you are a football start, lighting up a doobie before a big game is probably going to get you in trouble. Like, suspended from the team and expelled from school trouble.

For ten players on the Hungers Lane High School football team, what started as a post-game rumor, ended with surveillance footage showing them doing something that didn’t look quite kosker outside a bathroom. In the end, nine admitted they smoke marijuana before their game against Hendersonville High, and the tenth said it was his. Busted!

On the plus side, they did win big, 38-0. Oh, no wait, I read that wrong. The Hunters Lane High Stoners actually lost 38-0, but were exceptionally cool during the post-game handshake after such a devastating loss. Dude!

Ten Hunters Lane High School football players have been suspended from the team and expelled from school after nine admitted to smoking marijuana, while another admitted to possessing the illegal drug.  A football coach at the school heard rumors Monday morning that some players smoked pot before Friday night’s 38-0 loss to Hendersonville last Friday night.

The coach then asked the school resource police officer to look at a surveillance tape near a bathroom locker room. The tape showed 11 players around the bathroom. The players were called to the principal’s office and nine players admitted to smoking marijuana, one said he had possession of the narcotic, while another denied any wrongdoing.  School representatives said the 10 players have all been expelled.  Possession of drugs on a Metro school campus is considered a no tolerance offense and automatically results in expulsion.

10 Hunters Lane Football Players Suspended (WSMV)