HS Football Player Arrested for Groping Opposing Cheerleaders During Post Game Handshake

Once again, we have to wonder if the tradition of the post-game handshake is past it’s prime? In the past we have had incidents where  sore losers have tried to pull someone’s arm out of the socket, cut them with some kind of sharp object hidden in a glove and occasionally, someone gets punched in the face. This show of good sportsmanship has evolved into one last chance to take a shot at your opponent.

This is the first time though, that we can remember a member of the winning team acting out. In this case, a young Alabama high school football player named Sandarius Reed who actually scored a touchdown for Elba High in their 21-14 win against Geneva High School. According to police, Reed used the post-game handshake to get more acquainted with the Geneva cheerleaders.   And by that we mean he’s accused of groping them. And, unfortunately for Reed, the fact that it happened four times makes it unlikely that he can claim he accidentally brushed against them.

It also didn’t help that–like a lot of incidents these days–police have a video of the alleged inappropirate touching, which helped them bring four misdemeanor charges against the star player. (If you find said video, please let us know.) At right, a picture from Reed’s MySpace page which had the caption under it that read: I take my shirt off watch all the gurls go crazy.

Here’s more from the Dothan Eagle:

An e-mailed statement to the Dothan Eagle from Geneva County District Attorney Kirke Adams said four misdemeanor harassment charges were filed against Sandarius Reed, 18, of Elba, on Friday. Court records show Reed, of Martin Luther King Drive, was released from custody at the Geneva County Jail after he posted a $1,000 bond per charge. Reed will turn 19 on Oct. 5.

Adams said in the e-mailed statement that the charges stemmed from an incident that happened after a football game between Samson and Elba on Sept. 17, in Samson. He said Reed, an Elba Tigers football player, is alleged to have touched four Samson cheerleaders inappropriately during the “traditional handshake” after the game.