Soccer Games Ends With Streaker

And now, our second story of sports nudity of the day. This time, there is video, but don’t get too excited: it’s grainier than the Zapruder Film.

On the other hand, that might be a good thing for the kid’s future love life.

Here’s more from FOX 8 in Cleveland:

According to Wadsworth Superintendent Dale Fortner, a high school student is now in hot water for “streaking” across the field during a school soccer game. Tuesday night, the Wadsworth High School boys soccer team hosted a game at home. Just as the clock ran out, a man in a ski-mask went sprinting down the sidelines. Seconds later, the streaker hopped the fence and took off.

Students who were lining the sidelines during the end of the game say they had an idea something big was about to happen. One soccer player told FOX 8, “He had the button pants on. He just ripped them off and ran across the field.” Elizabeth Greissing was there to watch her grandson’s game. She said, “I couldn’t figure out what was going on. All I saw was somebody running down the way and then next thing I knew it was over and done.”