Brooklyn Teens Trash Golf Carts at Course Where Tiger Woods Learned Game

Dumbass Category LogoUp until now, the Dyker Beach Golf Club in Brooklyn was most famous for being the course where a young Tiger Woods learned to play golf from his father. Now, it’s famous for a pair of the largest golf cart “demolition derbys” we’ve ever reported on.

According to police, a gang of nearly 20 teens and young men broke into the course and wrecked over 45 carts in two separate incidents this summer. In the first incident involving 20 wrecked carts, they found them all over the course crashed into trees, tipped over and just generally wrecked. In another incident, one cart was set on fire, while an estimated 25 others were piled on top of one another in a sand trap. Ultimately, two teens were arrested after neighbors saw them riding one of the carts down the street . . . in Brooklyn? Yeah, that’s not gonna draw any attention to you.

“There were two separate incidents within about two months,” with about 20 carts wrecked, said Sal Frasca, who works at the course’s pro shop. “They trashed golf carts – they were upside down, crashed into trees, they were trying to tip them over – all over the golf course.”

One cart was set afire; 25 others were piled up in a sand pit. Many were badly damaged, with broken axles, cracked roofs, and dented bodies.