Female College Basketball Player Put Through Bizarre Punishment, Vomits Three Times – UNCW

Normally, we don’t care much what coaches–especially at the college and professional ranks–do during their practices. Most have pretty strict guidelines about what they can and can’t do, how many hours players can practice and even when the season starts. The women’s college basketball season hasn’t even started yet and we already have our first incident of the year, this time from UNC-Wilmington.

Seems a player, Julia Finlay had messed up somewhere and was kicked out of practice. In order to return to the Lady Seahawk fold, she had to run a drill: a series of sprints up and down the basketball court.   Unfortunately, Ms. Finlay had an injury to her foot that didn’t allow her to run. So what did assistant coach Johnetta Hayes have her do instead? That’s right: lie on her back and log roll the length of the court–all 94 feet of it–a dozen times.

As you might guess, that does on a number on your balance and equilibrium (ever roll down a hill as a kid and they try to get up and walk? Dude!) and Finlay allegedly threw up three times during the drill. All the while the men’s team was conducting a workout on the court. Once UNCW officials found out about this incident, Coach Hayes was disciplined and the school promised it would never happen again.

Was this punishment a form of hazing, or just bad coaching? Finlay is trying to determine her future on the team.

Here’s more from the Star News Online:

Julia Finlay, a junior guard from Hicksville, N.Y., was forced to lie on her back Monday afternoon and log roll nonstop the 94 feet from baseline-to-baseline in Trask Coliseum.

The punishment continued for 30 minutes. Finlay made roughly a dozen trips down the court.

Assistant coach Johnetta Hayes and an unidentified person stood on the northwest corner of the court and observed. Finlay vomited three times during the episode, which occurred while the men’s basketball team was undergoing a full team workout on the court.