Female Teacher Sex Scandals Heat Up With New School Year

The school-year has barely started in many parts of the country and we’re already seeing a record number of Middle-Aged Female Teacher Sex Scandals. At the top of the current crop at The Dumbass Daily? A special ed teacher who admitted–ADMITTED–she had sex with not one, but three underage boys and her lawyer got her off with a sentence of only 45 days (30 with good behavior) and probation, WITHOUT having to register as a sex offender. Who is this woman’s lawyer?

PLUS: a teacher’s assistant who’s accused of sex with a 15-year-old boy . . . who’s also her GRANDSON! Why? According to one report, she told relatives it was to exorcise a sex demon that was inside the boy.

The real question is: how are we going to top those stories?

Somehow, we’re sure the teachers will come through for us.

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