Six Texas HS Football Players Arrested for “Hot Dog Sodomy” Hazing Incident

Who says teenagers have lost their creative edge in this modern society? Who among you would have even considered holding a teammate down, covering him (or her) in a popular condiment and then attempting to shove a tubular meat product in their rear end as part of a “team bonding” ritual? Anybody?

Hah! And you people call yourselves sports fans!

And, while we don’t relish the idea of reporting this kind of disturbing stuff, here are some additional details from WITN-TV to help you catchup:

Six teenagers identified as football players spent the weekend in Bell County’s juvenile detention facility after they were arrested Friday on aggravated sexual assault of a child charges stemming from an investigation of a hazing incident on Aug. 19 in the Gatesville High School field house after a junior varsity football game.

Police began their investigation after the 14-year-old victim told family members that his attackers held him down, covered him with mustard and attempted unsuccessfully to sodomize him with a hot dog.

Attorneys representing the six students say the incident wasn’t meant to escalate as far as it did, but the victim’s uncle said Tuesday the attack has devastated his family and that he’s happy finally to have some answers.