HS Basketball Coach Fired for Letting Teen Ride on Top of Car

Dumbass Category LogoWe’re all for high school coaches having a good relationship with their players.

Need a little guidance on future college plans? Give them a little advice.

Having trouble with a girl? Tell them your own troubles getting a date in high school.

Do they need a ride home from practice? Sure, let them just ride on the roof of your car.

Wait, what?

The school board at Northern Lehigh High School met this past week and made a decision to fire boys basketball coach Richard Oertner after he was–we’re not making this up!–cited for allegedly transporting one of his own players on the roof of his vehicle in July. Oertner’s biggest mistake? Driving past the school superintendent.

Yeah, that’ll get your ass fired from even a public school these days.

Some reports say Oertner was asked to resign and refused and actually the school board was going to fire him back during their August meeting but waited while addition investigating was done. In the end, even the pleadings of parents and players wasn’t enough to save his job. In all the reports we read, he never offered and explanation for why he was driving with a kid on the car. Not that there’s a really good explanation, but maybe he thought the boy was a vampire from one of those awful Twilight movies and he didn’t want to get bitten . . . or have to watch Kristen Stewart try to act.

Oertner was driving north July 28 on Shadow Oak Lane, near the district administration building, when Superintendent Michael Michaels and some school board members spotted the unidentified player on top of his vehicle, Slatington Police Chief David Rachman said last month.

Michaels yelled at Oertner to stop, but the coach kept driving, Rachman said. Michaels later reported the incident to police, and Oertner was cited with careless driving and having an unauthorized person hanging on a vehicle.

Basketball coach facing driving citations
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