Woman Arrested for Flashing Her Breasts at Youth Football Team – Tonya Brown

What was Tonya Brown, 33, thinking? We report on lots of people who get caught up in sporting events and doing stupid things. It’s the excitement and all that helps things get out of hand. But to flash your breasts to a bunch of young kids, their coaches AND parents while they try to play football at a park?  That’s pretty strange, even by BadJocks standards. On the other hand, the fact that cops say that her nudity “caused alarm” amongst the crowd might be overstating things just a little bit.  Then  again, what if they’re not overstating things?

As a result though, Ms. Brown  faces a single charge of public indecency. Not surprisingly she also apparently had an outstanding warrant for disorderly conduct. At right, Tonya Brown’s mug shot picture.

It happened Wednesday evening at Oskamp Park on Glenway Avenue in Price Hill. According to the arrest report, Brown was lifting up her shirt and exposing her breasts to children, causing alarm to parents, coaches and children on the scene.  She was taken to the Hamilton County Justice Center and has since been released on her own recognizance.

Ohio woman accused of flashing youth football practice (WIS TV)