Painful Sports Video: HS Kick Returner Runs Into Goal Post

Watch the video, laugh, and know this kid wasn’t injured. Heck, he didn’t even drop the ball after running into a metal post bolted to the ground. Video is below, but first stom details from Yahoo Sports:

In the third quarter of last Friday’s game between Madison (Va.) and Yorktown (Va.) high schools, Yorktown senior kicker Michael Dola booted a deep kickoff. In fact, it was a really deep kickoff, so deep that sophomore Andy McGuire, who was back to field it, didn’t realize how far he’d followed the path of the ball from his original position just inside the Madison end zone.

The rest, as they say, is history. McGuire ran into the goal post at full speed, bounced off the foam upright and landed squarely on his butt. Amazingly, McGuire held on to the ball and wasn’t injured on the play, returning to the game immediately.