BadJocks Update: School District Lawyer Compares Boy’s Complaint of Hazing to Duke Lacrosse Case

Things are getting interesting with the hazing case at Doctor Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida. As you’ll recall, we reported on this case last week when the mother of the alleged victim claimed her son was beaten, kicked, punched, hit with garbage cans and then put into a choke hold until he passed out, resulting in a concussion and other injuries. One of the nastier hazing incidents in recent memory.

What struck us as odd about all this though, is that the parents of the victim immediately hired an attorney and then paraded their injured son in front of the media at a press conference, something that rarely happens in hazing cases.  Usually the families want to avoid the spotlight until the absolute last moment, and then only if they can’t get any action from the school. This one though, is starting to smell more and more like someone (we won’t say who) is looking for money. And it seems the school district might be thinking the same thing after their lawyer compared this case to the Duke lacrosse stripper incident from a few years back that turned out to be, well, less than a truthful claim by the alleged victim.  This, after the family has been slow to release to the district any medical records that would show the extent of the boy’s injuries, like tests, x-rays, CAT scans, etc, that you’d think would be standard procedure for someone beaten as badly as this kid claims he was. Strange.

On the other hand, the school district did discipline one of the football players involved in this incident. However, you’d think the cops would have arrested someone by now with injuries as extensive as the family is claiming?  I mean, in any other circumstance this would be a major assault and battery case with plenty of witnesses, so what gives?

Here’s the latest from CF News 13:

Attorney Woody Rodriguez started the press conference Thursday by referring to a case that happened 3 years ago at Duke University. Several lacrosse players were accused of rape. They were eventually cleared of all charges but their reputations were already ruined. The attorney for Darrion Denson said that reference basically implies his client made everything up.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” Rodriguez said.  With that, the attorney for the Orange County School District began his press conference. Rodriguez questioned Denson’s claims that he was choked and beaten by several varsity football players.  “I think there’s been a picture painted by the family that is not accurate,” Rodriquez said.

Rodriguez also shared the district’s frustrations over what they are calling a lack of cooperation by the Denson family. He said the Denson’s have been reluctant to share medical records, and wonders why the district has only gotten a one page report.

“There would be medical tests, x-rays and CAT scans and other exams to confirm the beating,” Rodriguez said.