Trio of HS Football Players Suspended Over Hazing Incident That Left Teammate With Broken Tailbone

Hazings Category LogoHow, exactly, do you break someone’s tailbone whilst hazing them? A reverse Atomic Wedgie gone horribly wrong?

No one at Lansingburgh High School (NY) is saying, but whatever happened it resulted in three upperclassmen football players being removed from the team and also being suspended from school.

Three Lansingburgh High School football players have been removed from the team and suspended as the district investigates a possible hazing incident, school officials said.

A statement from Superintendent George Goodwin gave few details, but said “any hazing or intimidation of students will not be tolerated and we will take proper disciplinary action if these allegations are true.” He declined to comment further, citing state and federal law. As school was dismissed Tuesday, several students said that the student who was hazed, a junior varsity football player whose name is being withheld, suffered a broken tailbone in the incident.

Coach Al McNall said the suspended players are accused of violating the school’s athletic code of conduct.
“Their removal is pending the results of the investigation,” he said. “That’s all I can say.”

Three football players suspended for alleged hazing incident (Troy Record)