Father of the Year? Cops Accuse Stepdad of Using BB Gun to Motivate Son During Football Drills

For the second time this week, we have parents who think helping with their kid’s youth sports activity, but really aren’t. Early we had a mom who’s middle school daughters lost a volleyball game, so she allegedly went out to the car and got a gun to threaten the winning team. Niiiiiiiic.

Now we have a Florida stepfather who thought his teenaged son wasn’t in good enough shape to play football so he set up some special “conditioning drills” in the backyard. The only problem? Well, aside from the fact that the heat index in Central Florida was 107 that day, the father, Robert Lynn Barker, 41, was using a BB gun as part of the exercise. He claims he was using it like a starters pistol, but the boy claims he felt that the gun might be used as some kind of punishment. Neighbors must have felt the later as the cops were called and Barker was arrested. At right, his “I shoulda wore sun screen” mug shot.

Here’s more on the story from the Orlando Sentinel:

On Saturday, the teen began to feel numb and dizzy during a Tavares youth football game and was benched to rest, a Lake County sheriff’s report said. Barker said he decided to take his stepson home after he complained of side pain and that the boy soon felt better.

When they got home, Barker told the teen he needed more conditioning so he set up cones about 20 yards apart in the front yard of their home. He made the boy run sprints in his football gear using the BB gun to signal the beginning of the drill, he said.

It was 91 degrees with a heat index of 107 on Saturday, a deputy said in a report.