Mom Disapproves of Cheer Used by Six-Year-Old Daughter for Flag Football Team

Little girls love to dress up as cheerleaders. And, apparently, some youth football leagues (even the ones that only play flag football) need cheerleaders the same age as the players. So . . . great: the kids get to start pretending to be in high school that much earlier. No big deal, right? Well, kinda depends on what the cheers are like.

Take for example, this one from the Madison Heights Wolverine flag football cheer team:

“Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right.”

Now, imagine a six-year-old saying that. Would it bother you? It did one Madison Heights, Michigan mom who immediately called . . . the media? Not sure that’s what we would have done. Anyway, the rest of the parents and cheerleaders on the squad held a meeting, decided NOT to change the cheer and then kicked the offended little cheerleader and her mom off the squad. Case closed, right?

Probably not.

6-year-old cheerleader voted off of team after risqué cheer controversy