BadJocks Flashback to 2005: Soccer Player Repairs Own Bloody Penis, Returns to Game to Score Goal

It’s always great to look back and read the fun stories we’ve reported on in the past.

Unfortunately, this is NOT one of those fun stories. It still makes one want to cover your groin area as you read it.  It is from our September 2005 Archives, five years ago this week:

Yes, you read that headline correctly and I’m not sure whether to call this guy a hero or a complete dumbass. Here’s the basic story: Chavdar Yankow is a German soccer player for the team from Hannover.

In a match over the weekend against Frankfurt a rival player kicked him in the groin. Said Yankow, “I ran towards the ball and my opponent, the Frankfurt striker Köhler, kicked his foot into my penis.”

Ouch! He felt some pain, but didn’t really notice anything unusual until he went to the sidelines and noticed his shorts were full of blood. A quick trip to the locker room revealed the source of the crimson fountain: a four centimeter gash (about an inch and a half) on his penis!

And here’s where the story REALLY gets weird! Most guys would have passed out at that point and ended up in a hospital emergency room (I passed out the first time I read the story) . . . but not Yankow. He claims to have–I’m not making this up!–glued the wound closed and put a plaster on it. In the second half he was able to return to the field and not only play but scored the game-sealing second goal for Hannover which won 2-0. At right a picture of Chavdar Yankow in action. (Source –