High School Streaker Arrested Following Game

Another Fall BadJocks Tradition has made an appearance this year : the high school football game streaker.

Typically they come out earlier in the season when it’s warmer, don nothing  but gym shoes and masks (to help hide their identity), and dash across the field at the most inappropriate moment. Despite their best laid plans, they almost always get caught anyway. This most recent case happened in Pulaski, Wisconsin during a game Friday night. And yes, he got caught.

High school football fans in Pulaski got an eyeful when a streaker in a clown mask dashed across the field during Friday night’s game.  Police say a 17-year-old from Pulaski has been arrested and will face multiple citations.  The act happened during Pulaski’s 21-41 loss to Bay Port. Police say the student cooperated with them and believe he acted alone.

High school streaker arrested, faces fines (Fox 11)