Soccer Player, 37, Caught in Back Seat of Car With Girl, 14

Get a room!

This story actually falls somewhere between a HS Coach Sex Scandal and a Dumbass. This guy is just a 37-year-old soccer player–not really a coach, more of a father figure–who played in a league that had practices and games at the same time that the local girls youth league team played. Bad idea.

Apparently the two got friendly over time. So friendly, in fact, that the girl’s mother allegedly caught the two in the back seat of his car. Then police were called.

And now the local soccer league is installing a barbed wire fence between the men’s field and where the girls are.

A 37-year-old soccer player who allegedly pursued a sexual relationship with a teenage girl on another soccer team was arrested on suspicion of child molestation Wednesday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Office reported. The mother of the 14-year-old Live Oak girl caught Jose Antonio Santana in the backseat of his car with her daughter, Sgt. Todd Liberty of the Sheriff’s Office sex crimes unit said. The two were in a compromising position and, when discovered by the girl’s mom, Santana ran, Liberty said.

The mother reported the incident to deputies. Santana was arrested around 1:45 p.m. Wednesday while at work on the 100 block of Plymouth Street in Santa Cruz, according to County Jail records. Liberty said the two met while playing soccer – she is on a girls team that practices or plays at the same fields as men’s team Santana is on – and had a relationship for some time.

Santa Cruz soccer player, 37, suspected of molesting teenage girl (Mercury News)