Middle School Girls Lose Volleyball Game, Mom Pulls Gun on Winning Team

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: adults are ruining youth sports!

We’re all for parents being involved in what their kids do . . . but not to the point that losing a game causes them to run out to their car, grab a gun and threaten to shoot the winners.

Not only is this poor sportsmanship, it’s also probably illegal, even in Texas where this incident at a middle school (middle school?) volleyball game occurred.

Police said security cameras recorded the woman, believed to be a parent of a student at San Antonio’s Metzger Middle School, pulling a gun and threatening members of the Kirby High School seventh-grade volleyball team following their victory over the Metzger team, the San Antonio Express-News reported Monday.

“The Kirby team had just won, and they were in the back parking lot near the gym when the woman approached,” Judson Independent School District spokesman James Keith said. The woman “approached them, pulled a handgun and threatened to shoot them,” Keith said.

Police: Woman pulled gun on 7th-graders (UPI)