High School’s Home Football Season Over Before First Game Ended

Dumbass Category LogoIf you have season tickets for all the home games at Madison Parish High School (Louisiana) you may not get your money’s worth this year. Apparently, the Louisiana High School Athletic Association has decided that less than one full home game was all they needed to see before deciding that school officials there showed a “complete lack of administrative control.” This after a game ending brawl with 4:05 left to play against rival Wossman High that included one Madison player, Courtney Perkins, being be suspended from ANY participation in any LHSAA activities until September 2011, after he reportedly used his helmet as a weapon. To add insult to injury, Perkins won’t be allowed to return to the football field until he provides a “written documentation from a certified psychologist that he is not a danger to himself or others.”

Sounds like the LHSAA thinks someone has some anger management issues.

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association has stripped Madison Parish High of its home season for last week’s brawl on the football field. Wossman High got less severe penalties for the brawl that ended the season-opener with 4:05 left.  A three-person executive committee said Madison officials showed “complete lack of administrative control.”

LHSAA Executive Director Kenny Henderson says further home games must either be hosted by Madison’s scheduled opponents or forfeited.  The committee said Madison player Courtney Perkins cannot participate in any LHSAA activities for a year.

Brawl ends Madison’s home season (WXVT)