Pooping Incident at Hotel Costs Pair of Sydney Roosters Players Shot at Title Game

What the cluck?

Athletes get suspended for lots of different reasons. And we’ve seen them all.

We’ll we thought we’d seen them all, until this story came our way about a couple of young players on the Sydney Roosters team in the Australian National Rugby League. The pair, Sam Brunton and Anthony Gelling, will apparently not play in the club’s Toyota Cup finals campaign because they lost control of their bowels. In a hotel room and NOT in the bathroom.  A team executive says the incident started as a “prank” (was the prank called “Let’s piss off the hotel maid?”) but that the behavior was not acceptable.

Really? The strangest part is that apparently alcohol had nothing to do with it. Just sober, Australian rugby players having a bit of fun with the hotel staff. Maybe as punishment they should let the maids crap in the players’ lockers and let these guys clean it up?

Here’s more The Sydney Morning Herald:

The details of the pair’s rampage emerged on Friday, a year after former club coach Brad Fittler fined himself $10,000 for a drunken incident at the same Townsville hotel.  Brunton and Gelling’s behaviour also mirrors representative forward Nate Myles similar acts in 2009 which resulted in a six-match suspension and $50,000 fine.

A Holiday Inn employee told the Townsville Bulletin the pair’s rooms had been trashed and left in a “feral” state.  “They defecated on the floor next to the toilet in one of the rooms and they defecated on the white tables in more than one of the rooms,” she said.

“It was disgusting, absolutely disgusting. These are players who are held in high regard by the community and who our children respect.  “No one gets paid enough to clean up that kind of mess.”  The Bulletin reported hotel management took photos of the damaged rooms and brought it to the attention of Roosters officials.