Australian Female Soccer Player in Trouble Over Lewd Facebook Pictures – Lisa De Vanna

More trouble Down Under!

This time it’s a soccer player named Lisa De Vanna on the women’s national soccer team, known as the Matildas. Apparently Lisa had a public Facebook page where fans could follow her career. Somehow she confused it with her personal page when she posted a number of lewd photos of her and her friends. Yes, they were all clothed in the pictures, but apparently performing lewd acts with an inflatable penis, simulating sex acts. This was all probably good fun among friends until a 13-year-old fan came across the pictures and then got her mother involved.

After viewing these images (likely repeatedly) mother and daughter became “distraught” and contacted the team, and-not surprisingly–De Vanna was asked to take down the pictures and then set her Facebook page to private, preventing and further incidents like this.

And no, we haven’t been able to find any copies of the pictures online, but the Herald Sun says the images are “too explicit for public viewing.”