New HS Hazing Incident “Don’t Go Into the Varsity Locker Room or Bad Things Will Happen!”

Hazings Category LogoApparently everyone BUT the adults at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando knew about the football team’s hazing practices.

Well, that is, everyone but the adults AND one freshman player who was dumb enough to walk into the “varsity locker room.” What happened to that lad? A wedgie perhaps? A swirlie in the toilet? Maybe some good natured ribbing about his sister or his mother? No at Dr. Phillips HS, if you wander into the wrong locker room the older players will–allegedly–punch and kick you, throw chairs and a garbage can at you and put you in a choke hold until you pass out. All of which, according to the parents of the 15-year-old freshman player, resulted in a concussion. That, of course, is because the player went into a “forbidden area” that teammates say is sanctioned by the coaching staff. Said a teammate:

“Varsity — they work for that locker room for like four years and coach said that if you go in there, they gonna beat you up and they’re allowed to. Coach give them permission for that.”

The school district says it’s looking into the case, but with wait until local police finish their investigation.

Locker room ‘hazing’ sends Dr. Phillips player to hospital (13 News)