Urine Big Trouble Boys: HS Football Players Accused of Hazing

Not much to this story . . . yet, but when you have allegations that high school football players are taunting a younger teammate with water bottles filled with urine, that does get our attention. Especially when it’s in  the same neck of the woods where the infamous Carmel High School incident from earlier this year. You’d think kids at other schools around there would learn something from this (heck, you’d think their coaches would be out of their minds worrying about it) but apparently not.

Here’s what little we know from WISH-TV (link includes video clip):

Police and school officials are investigating a complaint at Hamilton Southeastern that allegedly happened on the bus after a football loss on Friday.  It’s alleged two seniors, stars on the football team, taunted a 15-year-old. We’re told, the incident involved water bottles filled with urine.

24 Hour News 8 was first on this story and first to speak with the alleged victim’s family.  Ramon Coleman, the alleged victim’s brother said, “Everybody needs to know what happened on that bus…for them to be at schoo and practicing…no.”

The family speaking is out hoping as they say — ‘it isn’t brushed under the rug’.