Man Arrested by State Troopers for DUI While Driving Golf Cart

It doesn’t happen very often but you CAN be arrested for DUI if you’re not driving a car. Sometimes it happens on lawn mowers, occasionally on bikes and very infrequently on horseback. We’ve also seen an increase in DUI charges against those driving golf carts, although they are usually just inebriated seniors in retirement communities who use them to get around instead of walking. Here though, we have a man who was actually AT a golf course when he left to drive home in his cart. No word on his blood alcohol concentration, but doubtful he would make our Top Twenty list at the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings (not to be confused with the frequently disputed BCS Rankings). Still, he did manage to get all the way home before being caught my New York State Troopers.

New York State Police today said Todd P. Ranke, 43, of Locke was charged with felony driving while intoxicated Saturday afternoon.  Troopers, who were initially called to investigate the theft of a golf cart, determined that Ranke drove the cart from a golf course of Tollgate Hill Road to his residence on Buddy Drive in Locke.

Since Ranke’s family owns the golf cart, Ranke is not facing larceny charges, troopers said. However, in addition to felony DWI, Ranke was charged with third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle and aggravated DWI.

Golf-cart driver charged with felony DWI (ROC Now)