Greatest “Naughty Cheerleader” of All Time? Woman Allegedly Embezzles $225K From Boss – Pilita T. Corrales

We’ve reported on LOTS of naughty cheerleaders over the years, from hazings to naked pictures to one HS girl who shot a rival in the buttocks with a frozen paintball. But young Pilita T. Corrales, 22, might have them all beat. Ms. Corrales is listed as a current cheerleader for Washington Stealth professional lacrosse team (Wait, they have cheerleaders? Wait, they have professional lacrosse?) and was also member of the last Seattle SuperSonics dance team in 2007-08 (that alone should be enough punishment for any crime). At right, Corrales picture from her profile on the Stealth website.

What exactly did this 22-year-old do? According to police, while working at her “day job” at the Seattle construction company Steeler Inc. she worked as an administrative assistant to the company founder until 2009. That is, until he found out that more than $120,000 had been siphoned off a bank account and nearly $90,000 had been charged to company credit card. Among the big purchases included included her rent payments ($19,222.48), Apple Online ($8,028.85),  Progressive Insurance ($14,086.00), a local salon ($5,400.00), the Four Seasons Resort ($14,637.11) and a local dentist ($5,000.00). What, no breast augmentation?

But Corrales also sought to better herself, investing over three grand at the University of Phoenix and more than two thousand at the Art Institute (are those the people with the “can you draw this dog?” ads) which she graduated with a degree in fashion marketing, (Good for her!)

Ultimately, despite her stunning good looks, the company somehow eventually figured out that nearly a quarter of a million dollars had been taken from them, but before they could fire Corrales, she reportedly quit.  In at least one report, Steeler claims it had to lay off staff because of the money that she allegedly took.

According to police, Corrales has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree theft but has not been jailed yet (she’s too pretty to be in prison, right?) but is scheduled to be arraigned Sept. 15 in King County Superior Court.

Cheerleader charged in embezzlement scheme (Seattle PI)