HS Dance Team Benched for “Provocative Moves” During Routine

It’s that time of year again. In addition to football hazing reports and stories about the shortness of HS cheerleader’s skirts, we also usually have a story or two in September about high school dance teams whose moves are just a little more risque than the administration would like them to be. Most recent case in point is Central High School in Chattanooga where the principal pulled the school’s dance team before Friday nights performance during a home football game. At issue wasn’t necessarily the routine itself, but whether or not the girls had allowed Principal King to approve a routine last week and then went and added a few “improvements” during the actual show. Of course, some parents complained about those moves and now we have a classic “you just don’t understand how kids dance today” dispute.

So far, we haven’t been able to find video of this routine, so if you come across it somewhere, please let us know: badjocks at yahoo.com.  Here’s more on the story from local TV station WRCB (link includes video):

The principal of Central High School benched the dance team Friday after parents complained over provocative dance moves. Students and members in the group are upset over the last minute notice.

The principal, Finley King, says he approved the dance before the game, but it was a different story when the team performed. He says until they clean up their act, they will have to watch the game from the sidelines Friday night. “It brought tears to the whole team because we worked so hard,” says Kearia Colbert, dance team member.

Kearia Colbert says she was shocked when she learned her dance team could not perform at the Central High School football game Friday night “Family was coming to see us and to tell them we can’t perform, it was so bad. We did not want to hear that,” says Colbert. Friday morning Principal Finley King met with parents of the dance team after he received complaints and an email saying the dance moves performed at last Friday’s game were too provocative.

Colbert’s sister, didn’t see much harm in the dance moves. “I don’t think it is fair. If the cheerleaders can do it, why not the dancers,” says Autumn Baker.

Provocative dance benches Central High’s dance team (WRCB-TV)