Painful Sports Video: New Version of Fan Brawl at 2010 US Open

UPDATE: US Open Bans Brawling Fans for Two Years!
From the New York Post:

He had a lot of cash on the line. The tough talker who sparked an upper-deck brawl Thursday night at the US Open was gambling on the match and became enraged when he was told by an elderly fan and his daughter to shut up, a bird’s-eye video shows. “I don’t give a f–k what anyone wants! I got a lot of money on the game!” barked Joseph Pedeville, 27, who is apparently such a hardcore gambler that he places big bets on early-round tennis matches like the one between third seed Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner.
He then laughed off an open-handed slap to the face from Tracey Falco, 49 — and bragged he could take 20 more as he elaborately shrugged his shoulders and gestured with his arms. The woman’s stroke-victim dad then doddered over to Pedeville, smacked a beer from his hand and grabbed his head. Pedeville drew on his old high school wrestling skills and chucked the geezer down two rows of seats. All three short- tempered tennis fans yesterday were banned from the Open for two years. They were still licking their wounds and pointing fingers last night.

EARLIER: Earlier versions of this video failed to show the female tennis fan slapping the guy in the grey shirt who allegedly was repeatedly dropping F-bombs during the Djokovic and Petzschner match earlier this week. The real question here is not whether the dude should be allowed to get away with being a potty mouth, or if the lady and the old guy can assault him, but where the hell is stadium security while this is going on. As the video shows, this was going on for several minutes before security finally showed up.