More Fans a Brawlin’! Australian Cop Bitten on Leg During Soccer Brawl

Those wacky Australians! Even their soccer brawls are unique. This one, which happened during the Central Australian Football League Under-17 grand final between Rovers FC and Hermannsburg FC at Traeger Park, and started with a player being red-carded, leaving the field and then returning. Punches were thrown, the referee was assaulted, and before you knew it more than a hundred players and fans were involved. Before it was all over, three cops had be assaulted: one had his shirt ripped off, one was struck with a wooden flag pole, and a third was somehow bitten on the leg.

This all happened just days after there was a peace march in town to ask for an end of all the violence going on between male residents of the town. Looks like they might need to march harder next time.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find any video of this melee, but below is an Australian TV report that does include some still images and some great post-game, post brawl, interviews.