Save The Cheerleader . . . Skirts? School District Approves Exception to Dress Code

And now you can all rest easier today.  This is the time of year when school districts across the country decide to either enforce new stricter dress codes (or finally enforce existing ones), which causes problems when it comes to the tradition of cheerleaders wearing their uniforms (usually VERY short skirts) on game days (typically Fridays.) Over the years, schools have come up with a variety of solutions, from banning them all together, to one district that allowed the girls to wear their tight tops, but instead of skirts they had to wear sweat pants.  One district back in 2003 that wanted to ban the short skirts as they were a “distraction to the boys” to which the mother of one of the girls replied:

”Boys are going to be horn-toads anyway, whether (the girls) are wearing a short skirt or not. They are making our kids feel like they’re not nice girls when they are.”

Ah, one of our favorite quotes of all time! Anyway, this year it’s happening in Seminole County, Florida where district officials had to exempt the girls from a tough new dress code. Save the cheerleader skirt, save the world!

School district officials on Thursday decided that cheerleaders can be exempted from a new ban on short skirts for female students, allowing them to wear their cheerleading uniforms on game days.

The new dress code for schools in this Orlando suburb prohibits sexually suggestive clothing and requires that dresses, skirts and shorts be at least mid-thigh or below in length.

Some parents are complaining that the cheerleaders are getting special treatment.

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