Like Father, Like Son? Tweet by Michael Jordan’s Boy Starts Investigation by Nevada Gaming Commission

What happens when your kid tweets about his big night in Vegas? Probably nothing, even if he is underage. On the other hand, if you’re NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan’s kid (Marcus who plays for Central Florida) claiming to have spent $35,000 in the Haze bar at Aria Resort & Casino (wned by MGM Resorts) and you’re only 19 . . . that will get the attention of something like, oh, say the Nevada Gaming Commission.

According to this Sporting News article, the younger Jordan is already trying to downplay the incident, but our friends over at are already posting pictures of that night, and our guess is there are more out there just waiting to pop out.

Marcus Jordan, the 19-year-old son of NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, is having some recent partying in Las Vegas investigated by Nevada gambling regulators, according to the Associated Press. Officials were examining whether the casino operator violated laws prohibiting drinking or gambling by minors, Nevada Gaming Control Board enforcement chief Jerry Markling said.

People under 21 often try to gamble or drink in Las Vegas, but punishment for casino operators depend on the circumstances, Markling said. The investigation stems from a series of posts on Twitter by Marcus Jordan.

“Last night was stupid … 35k at Haze… Totals 50k something the whole day.. Damn!! Going to the pool again today.. Gotta relax!” Marcus Jordan later tried to downplay the posts on Twitter when speaking with Fox Sports.

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