HS Coach/Teacher/Bus Driver Accused of Exposing Himself to Girls

Things must be tough out there when a teacher not only has to coach, but also drive a school bus. Then again, it gives him another opportunity to interact with the students. In this case though, that may have not been such a good idea.

Not only is this girls HS basketball coach accused of groping a female student while she did sit-ups he also allegedly exposed himself to another young woman on the bus and then asked for her phone number. (Does this move ever work for anyone?) Finally, the strangest of all: he’s accused of asking a several members of the girls track team to try on track uniforms without their bra or underwear. You know, for aerodynamics sake, we assume.

In all, strange, very strange.

Stacey Brewer, the Coyle High School girls’ basketball coach, social studies teacher and bus driver, is charged with 13 counts including indecent exposure and lewd acts to a child under 16. A probable cause affidavit stated allegations dating back to March 2009. Several witnesses have alleged in one incident, Brewer asked them to try on a track uniform without their bra and underwear.

The affidavit also stated in February 2010, Brewer allegedly exposed his penis to a student in the Coyle Public Schools girl’s weight room more than one time and on two occasions, touched her breast while she was doing sit-up exercises.  Brewer was initially charged Feb. 5 after a girl said he exposed himself to her on a school bus and tried to give her his telephone number.

Coyle Coach Accused of Sex Crimes Including Exposing Self, Groping Girls (News 9)