Painful Sports Video: Mexican Wrestling Match Breaks Out During Mexican Bodybuilding Competition

Now here’s an idea: actually get those big muscular guys to fight instead of just stand on stage and pose for pictures! Why didn’t we ever think of that?

Not sure of all the details here, but one of the bodybuilders is awarded his check or prize in an envelope by a pretty girl, he opens it, looks at the prize (tickets to a Mets game maybe?) tears it up then promptly goes to the edge of the stage and starts calling out one of the judges.

Of course, the judge (being a manly man) taunts him back (probably saying something like “Well, why don’t you just come down here and show me how big your pecs are?) which causes the bodybuilder to jump down from the stage and tackle the judge in a very oily fashion. Before you know it, folding chairs are being thrown around and you just know that Vince McMahon is watching on TV writing this all down.

Next up: he’s going to kick the Old Spice Man’s ass!