Drunker Golfer Threatens Resort Employee With Tee Marker

Boozing golfers? Please! Find us someone on the links this weekend who HASN’T had a few beers.

Drunk golfers threatening staff at the course? Probably not as common, but still not enough to report here.

Drunk, threatening staff with a tee marker? Now you’re talking! For those not familiar with what a golf tee marker is, think of it as a giant push pin. When inserted into the tee area, two of them mark the space where you can hit your first shot. Usually you don’t see the giant spike end to the markers that are pushed into the ground. (At right, an example of a tee marker from the folks at Putting-Greens.com.) But trust us, you don’t want someone coming at your with one.  According to cops, that’s exactly what happened at the Stonepine Estate and Resort in Carmel City, CA this past week. It also makes us laugh that this guy is described as a “local wine maker.”

Stephan Kidder, 36, was taken into custody after deputies found him so intoxicated at the resort that he could not care for himself, sheriff’s officials said.  Deputies also said Kidder trespassed on business property and interfered with business operations before brandishing a spiked T-box marker at a staff member when he was asked to leave.  When deputies got the scene, Kidder ran into the Carmel River. Deputies were able to talk him out of the river and placed him into custody.

Deputies: Wine Maker Threatens Worker With T-Box (KSBW)