Softball Coach/Councilwoman Arrested for Sex With Underage Girl Who Was Daughter’s Friend

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoThis story has bacjockery (yes, we made that up) written all over it.

First, you have a woman who is not only the coach of a girls softball team, she is also in the city council in North Belle Vernon, in PA.  A friend of her daughter’s stays overnight at their home when the girl is 12 and when the kid gets a stomache ache, coach/councilwoman allegedly kisses her. According to the victim, things progressed over the next two years from “kissing and groping to oral sex and experimenting with sexual devices.”  They even took a trip to the mall to get a sex toy together.

Things started to unravel when the mother of the girl found sexual pictures of  Heather M. Prinkey, 36, on the kid’s cell phone. Prinkey’s explanation? She meant to send the naughty pics to her boyfriend at the time. Later though, the victim told her mom what was going on and now Prinkey  faces multiple charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and single counts of statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Here’s more from Pittsburgh Live:

The girl met Prinkey when she coached the Belle Vernon Bombshells softball team and then the girl became “best friends” with Prinkey’s daughter, who was the same age in 2007.

She testified Heather Prinkey and she first became intimate during a sleepover in October 2007. The girl, who was 12 at the time, said she had a stomachache during a Halloween party Prinkey’s daughter was hosting. She climbed into Heather Prinkey’s lap and Prinkey kissed her on the mouth, she said.

During the more than two years that followed, she said, the alleged assaults went from kissing and groping to oral sex and experimenting with sexual devices. The girl described a shopping trip to Westmoreland Mall in Hempfield, where Prinkey purchased a sex toy.

The girl often stayed overnight at Prinkey’s home because her parents were in the process of divorcing, she said.  The girl said she often went to sleep with Prinkey’s daughter, and Heather Prinkey would come upstairs to the bedroom, awaken her and take her down to the living room. Occasionally, the victim said, Prinkey would share wine coolers with the girls.

Westmoreland County Detective Robert Weaver said the girl’s mother called police in May 2008 when she discovered sexual photographs of Prinkey on the girl’s cell phone.  Prinkey claimed the sexy photographs were meant for a boyfriend and erroneously sent to the girl, Weaver said.