UPDATED: Minnesota HS Suspends Entire Football Team Over Hazing Allegations

Hazings Category LogoUPDATE: Players Say Hazing Involved Broom in the Backside

Once again, it’s alleged that young men have gone from slapping each other with wet towels to attempting to insert a wooden rod into someone else’s anus. Who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea? The latest from 5 Eyewitness:

Players tell 5 EYEWITNESS News the hazing occurred in the school’s wrestling room, where players were held in place and poked in the backside with a broom handle. They said coaches did not know about the behavior.

EARLIER: Everybody in Elk River, Minnesota who’s looking forward to the high school football season, please step forward. Oops, not so fast. Looks like your entire football team has been suspended because of an alleged hazing incident.

Is the “Death Penalty” warranted in this case? Without details, it’s hard to say in this case, but you can be certain that next year’s Elk River football team won’t consider even the slightest bit of hazing to be acceptable. Is that the only way to stop hazing in high school sports? Having a “hazing policy” (which we assume Elk River does) and telling the kids not to do it does not seem to have worked, so now what? Your suggestions & comments welcome below.

The entire Elk River High School varsity football team has been suspended effective today (Aug. 25) after allegations of hazing surfaced this morning.  Due the severity of the allegations and the apparent widespread knowledge of hazing, the decision to suspend the entire football program was made. There was also a meeting with parents and players tonight at the high school.

Casey Mahon, the manager of communications for the Elk River Area School District, said the alleged violations of school district’s policies and Minnesota State High School League policies threatened the safety of students.

The Elk River Police Department has been brought into the matter, and there is a possibility that criminal charges could be filed. The Elk River Area School District is also conducting an independent investigation. “We are taking this very seriously,” Mahon said of school administrators’ response to the allegations of hazing.

Elk River HIgh School varsity football program suspended (ER Star News)