BadBroadcaster? ESPN’s Jay Mariotti Arrested Over “Domestic Incident”

Dumbass Category LogoMost of you have heard of this story already, but the real question is: what will ESPN do about it?

ESPN commentator and sports writer Jay Mariotti was arrested over the weekend following an alleged “domestic incident” with his girlfriend. Los Angeles Police Dept. sources told The Los Angeles Times Mariotti and his girlfriend exchanged harsh words at a club in Santa Monica after he suspected his girlfriend was flirting with another man. The couple left the club, but the clash allegedly continued at their Venice-area apartment.

During the alleged altercation, Mariotti reportedly pushed, shoved, and grabbed his girlfriend leaving marks on her arms, says The Los Angeles Times. When police arrived at the apartment, Mariotti’s girlfriend had reportedly suffered cuts and bruises.

ESPN Commentator Jay Mariotti Arrested for Alleged Violence Against Girlfriend