Hazing Days: HS Football Players Under Investigation After Freshmen Injured in Shower Incident

Hazings Category LogoAnd so, the fall sports hazing season gets into full swing. This latest incident from Gulf Shores, Alabama will no doubt be fully investigated and declared little more than locker room “horseplay” as the administration puts its head in the sand about the real extent of sports hazing at the school. No reason to rock the boat or ruin what might be a winning season with a shot at the state playoffs, right?

That is,until the kid’s parents sue the school for millions.

The Gulf Shores Police Department is investigating a possible assault that happened inside the high school football team’s locker room. Police Chief Edward Delmore stopped short of calling the incident hazing but says the physical altercation was serious enough to get his attention and launch a police investigation.

Delmore says a 14-year old freshmen football player was involved in a physical altercation or incident after practice Wednesday. The incident happened in the locker room/shower area. Sources close to News 5 say the incident was violent enough to send the boy to the hospital.

Gulf Shores High School Football Players Under Investigation (WKRG)