UK Cricket Star Arrested for DUI While Going to Buy Screwdriver to Rescue Cat

Dumbass Category LogoWe’ve heard a lot of excuses for jocks drunk driving over the years, but this is a first: some guy named Graeme Swann was arrested earlier this year for DUI near his home in Nottingham, England. He and his friends had been out boozing the night before and he made it home safely only to discover that his cat was trapped under the floorboards at his home. So, of course, he sets out at 3 o’clock in the morning in search of a store that’s open so he can . . . buy a screwdriver? Why no just call the fire brigade, eh? Or maybe take an axe to the floor? All perfectly good options. But no, he had to get in his car and drive drunk.


England cricketer Graeme Swann said he was driving to buy screwdrivers to rescue a trapped cat when he was arrested for drunk driving, a court has heard. The Nottinghamshire off-spinner, ranked the third best Test bowler in the world, was stopped near his home in Nottingham, central England, on April 2.

Nottingham Magistrates’ Court heard how the 31-year-old Swann told police that he had discovered his pet trapped under the floorboards after returning home from a night out with friends. He then headed out in his white Porsche Cayenne luxury sports vehicle towards a supermarket branch when he was pulled over.

Police Constable Steven Denniss told the court he stopped Swann shortly after 3:00am because he was driving a high-performance car in an area hit by a spate of burglaries. “Mr Swann stated he had been out that evening and had come back to find his cat trapped under the floorboards in his house. He had gone to fetch some screwdrivers to remove some floorboards,” the officer said.

English cricket star drove drunk ‘to rescue cat (Courier Mail)