HS Football Players Suspended Over Hazing Incident Involving “Stomping”

Hazings Category LogoWe’re not exactly sure what “stomping” is–when it comes to hazing rituals–but we’re pretty sure we don’t want to have it demonstrated on us. How again is this supposed to make you feel a closer bond to your teammates?

High school football season is fast approaching and the reports of hazing have already started rolling in. The most recent is from Georgia:

Two DeKalb County high school football players were suspended Monday as school officials looked into two reports of hazing at a football camp. DeKalb County Deputy Chief Superintendent Bob Moseley told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne that two players from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School were suspended and the district was looking into other incidents. Betty Bowden told Winne her son was one of the teenagers bullied at a recent camp. “I know seniors kinda pick on eighth graders. I understand that, trying to break ‘em in. But the stompin’ part and the fact that he was limping, I didn’t understand,” said Bowden. Bowden filed a police report with DeKalb County police accusing other students of slapping and stomping on her son. Bowden told Winne she didn’t believe the older boys intended to hurt her son, but she planned to move him to a private school.

Players Suspended for Hazing at Football Camp