BadJocks Flashback 2006: Man Puts on Wig, Fake Fingernails, to Trick Boys Into Thinking He’s Female Masseuse

From the week of August 13, 2006 comes this story of a high school coach who went to great lengths to have sex with underage boys:

According to police Robert Dacey (pictured right in court), who was a coach at Waltham High School and drama teacher at the local middle school, convinced two male students to come back to his home multiple times last year. Once there, the coach told the boys that he had “a friend” who ran a local massage parlor and this guy had a new female masseuse he wanted to “test” before he actually hired her. (Hmm, I guess to a middle schooler that might make sense.) Of course, for the test to be truly fair the boys would have to be blindfolded so as not to be influenced by her beauty, but would be compensated for the less-than-professional work to the tune of $50 each. He then left the room and a little while later the woman would return to give the silent massages . . . which of course lead to sex with the boys, both 8th graders.

Why did the boys think it was a woman? They could feel her long fingernails and when she got close enough, they could also feel her long hair. This happened at least three times when the boys were together and a few more times individually. Unfortunately for them, police believe the “female masseuse” (cue the song from “The Crying Game”) was actually Dacey wearing a wig and fake fingernails. This week the former coach pleaded not guilty yesterday to two counts of child rape, two counts of child enticement, and a count of indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or older. (