Pictures Surface of Lifeguard Hazing: Edward 40 Hands Blamed

Hazings Category LogoThis is a first for BadJocks.

No, not the use of Eward 40 Hands to get hazing victims drunk (with this practice, a 40 ounce can of beer is duct taped to each hand and can’t be removed until all 80 ounces of booze are gone). We’ve seen that one many times.  No, this is the first time we are hearing that life guards actually haze each other. As if life guarding was a sport.

Swimming, yes. Life guarding, no.

So why haze the new guys? Because they can. And, as usual, someone took pictures of this incident that took place more than a year ago and now that they have surfaced (passed out underage boys put into sexually suggestive position) an investigation has been launched.

An investigation was under way Wednesday into an alleged hazing incident in which four underage Imperial Beach lifeguards were photographed drunk in sexually suggestive poses.Imperial Beach city officials hired two independent investigators to look at the case jointly after a disk containing 30 snapshots from a Aug. 4, 2009 party at a home in Pacific Beach surfaced last month.

Imperial Beach City Manager Gary Brown told the newspaper any possible job firings or other personnel punishments would be made when the city’s investigators complete their work in two to three weeks. The snapshots show breasts and genitalia drawn in thick black ink on the rookie lifeguards’ faces and bodies, the Union-Tribune reported, adding that in one particular shot, two partially clad men are positioned atop a drunken rookie, and one placed his genitals on that person’s forehead.

IB Lifeguards Investigated For Possible Hazing (10 News)