HS Basketball Coach Arrested for DUI, Has Mug Shot Taken in School Shirt

A high school coach arrested for DUI? Pretty common any more. His BAC of .189%? Double the legal limit, but not nearly enough to crack the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings.

No, what makes this story interesting is that the coach, Matthew Lemon of Seneca High School in Kentucky was arrested coming from some kind of golf outing and was wearing his school shirt identifying him as a coach at Seneca. Nice.

The Seneca High School boys head basketball coach is arrested for a hit and run — and DUI. Kentucky State Police arrested Coach Matthew Lemon in Shelby County on July 30. His mug shot shows him wearing a Seneca Basketball polo shirt. Police say his blood alcohol level was .189, more than twice the legal limit, when he hit an oncoming car and took off. Lemon says he had just left a golf course and had five beers.

Seneca H.S. coach arrested for DUI (Fox 41)