Hockey Mom Accused of Embezzling $500K From Youth League

On the plus side, Mary Ann Williams was able to use the money and buy the Phoenix Coyotes, keeping them in Arizona.

Details from KTRA:

A former acting treasurer for the Arizona High School Hockey Association has been arrested for allegedly embezzling at least $500,000 from the group.  Phoenix police say 47-year-old Mary Ann Williams was booked into jail Tuesday on charges of theft, fraud and forgery.

Police say Williams began volunteering for the northeast Phoenix organization in 2003 when her son began playing hockey. They say an investigation into Williams began six months ago when the association contacted police about concerns she was stealing money.

As long time readers of BadJocks know, I have a fascination with these types of crimes. Not because I wish to steal large sums of cash from young kids, (although it does seem pretty easy to do . . . but I digress) but because I’m constantly amazed at the large sums of money these leagues have. Just think about it: how much dough was being hauled in by this hockey league for Ms. Williams to be able to skim HALF A MILLION DOLLARS off the top and no one notices?

Many of us remember playing in youth sports were the kids had to kick in a dime to buy a baseball to play with for that Saturday’s game. Are parents today just so willing to turn their kids over to strangers that money is no object? And were is the oversight? Can anyone just start a non-profit sports league, open up a checking account and start business?