Man Streaks Horse Race, Almost Makes it to VIP Tent for More Free Booze

It’s a horse race called The Darwin Cup and apparently it attracts some of Australia’s best . . . drunks. In this case, a guy who stripped naked and jumped on the track, and then managed to expertly evade security staff until he tried to crash his way into the VIP tent.

At right, a clip from the video of his efforts. We’re not sure if the old ladies at the rail are shielding their eyes from his nudity, or trying to block out the sun so they can get a better look. Saucy old gals!

Watch the blurred video here:

A streaker achieved fleeting but costly fame after sprinting naked onto the track at the end of the main race at the Darwin Cup.  The unidentified man was captured on camera evading security guards before eventually being tackled as he tried to leap into the VIP tent.  He copped a heavy fine from police, the Northern Territory News reports.  The naked dash was one of several examples of rowdy behaviour as boozed-up patrons enjoyed the Cup.